Puddles, Gardens and such

This week has rained off and on a bit.  The boys enjoyed splashing in the puddles and riding their bikes.  They have been watching Daddy on his motor cycle and have been pretending to ride theirs.  MJ's trike is sometimes a motorcycle, snowblower, snowmobile... He also has a larger bike but still loves his small trike.  We also went to the playground (and got sun burnt!).

We tweaked our schedule a little and try to solidify our rhythm.  So far things are going well.  I'm hoping to start planing for next year.  I pan to add more into our formal school time.  This week during drawing time we focused on filling in the whole page.  We first drew the sky, grass and dirt making sure to fill in the whole page.  Next we layered on some plants with lots of detail.  MJ drew his first flower!  and TJ added lots of details and colours.

As much as possible we have been working on the gardens.  We cleaned up from the winter ice storm, cleared out the gardens and prepared our garden plot at home.  My boys are incredibly hard workers.  Okay TJ is while MJ enjoys riding on the tractor and playing lego as he watches us work.  It is refreshing to see the spring flowers finally blossom.  There are tiny sprouts at our garden plot up the street, and we have a lot of plants anxiously waiting for warmer weather so they can get into the ground.

Finally a sneak peek at handiwork...  TJ has been working on finger knitting some garlands to decorate for his birthday.  He is also making me a Mother's Day gift (we need to get that done).  I am almost finished a lovely quilt for my niece made of her old receiving blankets.  I also decided to treat myself to some new books.  I can't wait to make some new clothes for the family.

Well that has been our week.  Next time I'll be sharing all about my incredible son and his 6th birthday!!!  We are both totally excited.


  1. Oh his FIRST flower! How sweet and wonderful...Can't wait to see your Mother's Day gift! Thanks and aloha, Lori


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