Exploring Nature with your 5 Senses (Part 5 Touch)

We are at the end of your series on exploring nature with our five senses. I hope you'll use the links at the bottom to check out the other four posts. The sense of touch is probably a favourite with my boys, who move through life with their whole bodies. So let's jump right in to see what else we can do to feel our way around outside.

1. I've mentioned this before, but each time you head outside there is something new to discover. I highly recommend you look for a scavenger hunt that include some textures. Go on a five senses scavenger hunt. There are any options for printable versions or you could make your own.  Perhaps you could make a separate poster for each of the senses you are exploring. Below are the links to a few scavenger hunts I found online.

Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable by Childhood 101 
Five Senses Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt on Teachers Pay Teachers
Nature Walk Worksheet on Teachers Pay Teachers
Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt by Backyard Brilliant
Nature Hunt Showdown by Earth Rangers

2. Go with a partner and use a blindfold to feel your way around your yard, or an obstacle course. see if you can guess where you are as you go along.

3. Gather a variety of natural objects, place them in a box or bag, or use a blindfold. Now have a partner guess at what they are feeling.

4. Get messy (or not) with sensory experiences. You could do this inside with a sensory bin, or better yet head to the source outside. Try adding some toys or small world animals and objects to extend the play. Some options that are good for any age include

  • mud 
  • dirt
  • sand
  • gravel
  • grass
  • leaves
  • snow
  • ice
  • water
  • corn or beans
  • playdough
  • foods with texture

5. Create a mud kitchen. This could be as elaborate or simple as you'd like. Children can make all sorts of concoctions, imagine a house or restaurant too. A few items to include are

  • bowls
  • tongs
  • baster
  • spoons
  • pots
  • pans
  • whisk
  • shelves
  • buckets

6.  What animals have a good sense of touch? How do they use touch to help them? Learn all about animals and the sense of touch in a fun and engaging way. You could visit a zoo or shelter, watch videos or documentaries, research on the internet. 

Animals with good sense of touch
Cat fish
Aligator or crocodile

Did you know some animals have senses that people do not?

I've gathered a some more links with ideas to get you exploring outside with the five senses. I also hope you'll share your experiences, stories and photos with me on Facebook

Be sure to check out the rest of the series as they are posted