Happy 6th Birthday TJ

I can not believe how time flies.  Could it really have been 6 years ago that my wonderful son entered the world and changed my whole life?  Wow!!  We are so blessed to have a creative, active, loving fabulous boy so share each day with.  I am so proud of my TJ.
This morning my little man woke to a fun table setting with his birthday crown and a felt cake.  We celebrated the day with waffles and "ice cream".  Of course being dairy free our ice cream is made by blending frozen bananas and some berries in the food processor.  It comes out like soft serve and tastes great!
 TJ and I spent some special cuddly time together before MJ woke for his delicious treat of a breakfast too.  TJ was also in for another amazing surprise.  When I asked him to check on the weather he opened the door to find a new bicycle!!
MJ loved his waffles and banana berry "ice cream"
 So we spent the morning at a playground.  I knew of one that had a small quiet skate board area.  TJ rode and rode like the wind.  He met a new friend and they played for over an hour!  MJ took his trike and also watched some construction trucks.

Our afternoon was spent setting up for a family party the next day (okay mommy did the work while the boys played outside and watched neighbours do yard work).  The boys watched Finding Nemo while I did a lot of baking.  For dinner TJ insisted on Turtle Jacks.  The wait was rather long and it was very late by the time we ate.  TJ was a bit overwhelmed by everything so we left quickly.  We came home and the boys wanted to ride again.  Finally convinced them into bed...

Sleep well my big boy.  Tomorrow is another celebration day....