Spotting Gnomes and other things we did today

Today we jumped right into our new rhythm for the spring.  I'll share it here to remind myself of what is working so far....

Mommy wake early to do office work or have quiet time
Children wake
Clean kitchen
Get dressed
Morning Meeting - pray, memory verses, songs, poem, story, ending verse.
Activity of the day - modelling, baking, crayons, handiwork, painting, yoga
Outside / play
Story - fairy tales or seasonal book
Quiet time (also mommy practices penny whistle and does crafts)
Focused play where mommy joins in to work on social skills
House hold chores
Dinner prep
Evening routine - short show, snack, teeth & pj's, story, bed
Mommy does more office work, cleaning, etc...
Paper kites we made the other day
This week has been raining all week.  Our stories early in the week were several Winnie the Pooh grow & learn books that had to do with weather, rain and wind.

Our crayon lesson was to use a variety of blues and only short lines to make a rain storm.  TJ drew a full rainy scene.  MJ drew a snow blower in a rain storm.  On the other side they both drew rainbows.
Crayon drawings
Later in the morning we worked together to solve some arguments and stress over Lego.  There were lots of negotiations, sharing and problem solving to make Lego cars together.  MJ made a snow blower, TJ and I made flying cars.  We played with them for a bit then made ramps to race the cars.  MJ made a big involved track to play with.
The other day: we traced the kids' bodies and they coloured them in, Our Lego creations

Outside we decided to look for mud like in our story.  We headed into the forest and had a great time exploring a watery place.  TJ was very brave and went out to go all around the big puddle and onto an island.  My adorable little guys looked like cute gnomes in the hats I made.
Cleaning was a huge chore today as it was a few days worth of mess to clear up.  Then we watched Open Season while I got some work done and dinner made.

Tonight the boys had their final AWANAS award night.  This is a mid-week program at the church involving games, lesson and memory verses.  I was so proud or my hard workers.  TJ received the second highest points for the Sparks boys and completed book 1.  He loves going and often memorizes several verses each week.  MJ was in his first years of Cubbies.  He loves going and is working hard on his verses.  He received the highest points for Cubbie Boys.  The award night was lots of fun with a circus act too.

TJ and MJ with their awards, Circus dogs with all the children

Now it's bed time and another great day tomorrow...