Our Week: A new year!

I hope you all have had a wonderful start to your new year!!  Not as many pictures, just too busy living life and loving it!

We spent much of our time after Christmas enjoying exploring new gifts.  My hubby and I also re-organized, purged and cleaned each room of the house.  It was a much needed exercise to make room for new things and tidy up after a busy month.  It feel so good to get a fresh start to the year!

The boys were given a salt powered robot and Snap Circuits.  Oh we love these Snap Circuits it is fabulous and easy enough for our 6 year old to assemble on his own.  The projects are really cool too.

For Christmas each boy was given some small world farm items.  MJ has been playing farm every day.  He set up his little farm all over and even added more land and things to it.  

It has snowed a little which is good because the boys aren't as interested in going outside without something to do.  This past week they used their new construction trucks to clear the snow.  TJ found a sled on kijiji that he liked (and bought), so we needed to test it out.

My creative boys turned big boxes into monsters/robots. Oh how I just love their creative play.

I also bought a magnetic poetry kit with simple large words to encourage TJ with reading.  We have been making funny sentences and playing with that a lot.  I also made a simple treasure hunt for TJ which he loved!  The clues were things like "look under your cup", "look in your bed"...  We even made a picture clue one for MJ.

While rearranging the playroom/ main room of our home, the bucket of recycling stuff was rediscovered.  One morning the boys decided to make boats from pop bottles.  MJ taped Lego gears to his and headed off to the tub to try it out.  TJ used the motor from our Playmobil boat and taped it on to his juice bottle.  He even fit some small toys inside for a ride.

Just today after testing a sled (not enough snow so we played at the park) and visiting family, TJ asked to make a pair of mittens for himself.  I believe he got cold hands while playing in the snow and really liked my mittens.  So we got to work cutting the material out for that project.  We'll keep working on it tomorrow.  MJ dug into my bin of felted sweaters and pulled some out to be farm mats.  I'm sure we'll actually sew then into a farm mat some day but for now he was happy covering them in stickers.

In between we've been exploring some new games on the tablets and ipad, watching videos and working a little in our workbooks.  I went over the provincial curriculum guidelines and was pleased to discover that we'd already covered most of the science and social studies for the year.  We hope to bring in more music and art back into our weeks.  Our lives are already enriched daily with math, language and everything else we do.  We look forward to this exciting new year ahead!!


  1. I really like the sounds of your little salt-powered robot. He sounds really cool. How does he work? I bet my little guy would love to build one.

    1. Kate I am so pleased you came to visit my blog. I read your blog every week. I believe the robot works because the salt water completes the electrical circuit to make the robot move. It is rather tiny. My 6 year old needed a lot of help so I think it's better suited for an older child. Ours zipped around the house a bit. You can get them from Mastermind but I'm sure other places sell them. My boys love those science, robot type kits.


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