Our Week: Lots of sewing

Wow I didn't realized how few pictures I took this week.  It's good in a way because I'm just to busy living life and enjoying time with my boys.  I'm hoping to add in some extra posts with more than just weekly updates.  But here are some highlights from our week...

Our week started off with sewing.  TJ and I made a wonderfully warm pair of mittens.  He added leg warmers to the cuffs to keep the snow out.

MJ wanted to make something too so we spent time sewing together a felted sweater playmat.  He asked for a train track on it.

TJ then wanted to work on a very special project.  His baby blanket has gone missing and we saw some fabric in our bucket that we wanted to use to make a new 'bunny'.  So of course we got to sewing and made a new Bunny blanket.

This week the boys started up swimming lessons again and gym time at the YMCA.  both went very well.

We also visited twice with my mom, sister and the boys' cousins.  We always have so much fun together.  I love spending time with my nephews and watching them grow.  I was also excited to get the maternity clothes as I'll be needed them soon (we are already at 11.5 weeks!).

At the end of the week my parents kindly took the boys for a sleep over.  The boys had a wonderful time playing with their train set.  Jon and I went out for dinner.  My favourite part was sleeping in and having a quiet morning.  We mostly cleaned the house and played once the boys came home.

On the weekend the boys got talking about statues.  They told me all they knew about hose they were made.  We watched a few videos on ice sculptures.  That night we froze some water in containers.  Then the next day the boys chiselled away at their blocks of ice.

One project our family took on this winter was to use our fireplace to heat the house.  We wanted to see if it would make a large difference on the electrical bill.  It was also off for the beginning part of the fall due to house renovations.  So far we've had great success.  It has been a wonderful learning opportunity for us all.  The boys have helped to stack wood and keep the fireplace going.  This weekend they gathered more wood from around the property for daddy to chop.  We are hoping to mix our wood in with what we bought to extend it a bit longer.  Next year we may start later into the fall, but it is certainly keeping us nice and warm.