Our word for the year: Growth

We've all heard of New Years Resolutions, but not as many people have heard choosing one word for your year.  I believe it is a relatively new thing, but basically after much thought and consideration you pick one word to be you focus for the year.

This year I chose the word growth/growing.  I had all sorts of amazing things I expected from the year.  God planed things a little differently than I would but, overall it has been a wonderful year.

Some areas of our growth this year:

Our Faith and trust in God is always being strengthen, tested and grows stronger all the time.  The boys love the Lord and are learning so much about him each day.  Both boys are in the AWANAS program at our church, learning memory verses and enjoying the program.

Our company doubled the amount of billable work from the previous year.
We ended the year with less employees, but had learned so much from running our own business.

The boys are blossoming this year with new friendships and activities.  We have regular play dates with a few families.  The boys also go the the YMCA several times a week.  We are blessed to have some daytime time Ykids activities for home schoolers at our YMCA.

Homeschooling is going very well and the boys have learned so much.  We are using an eclectic mix of curriculum and styles that is working well for our family.  The boys are very curious and come up with the most interesting projects and topics to study.

I made new friends (yeay that was my plan).  We are growing a community around us from various places, home schoolers, church, online and the garden plot.

Our vegetable garden grew very well and we added a space at home for even more growth!

I know that our family has grown closer, bonded more, and learned about each other more than ever this year.  The boys are playing together more, we communicate well, and love each other very much.

I won't lie.  I was hoping all year that our family would grow and expand this year.  Many know that last fall I had a miscarriage at around 10 weeks (the baby had stopped growing around 8 weeks).  We've tried for over a year to have another one.  This fall I decided I was done trying.  We sold lots of baby items and prepared to move on with our beautiful family.  I have two amazing wonderful boys that fill me with such joy.  But God knows best...

We couldn't wait to share the exciting news with our families and the boys this Christmas.  So as this current year ends I will be 10 weeks pregnant.

So what is my new word for next year....

I think it shall be JOY.  I am seeking joy in the every day moments in life.

Please do share.  I'd love to know what your word of the year is!


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