Dog Birthday Party

Oh Pintrest I had way to much fun planing this party!! For TJ's 6th birthday party he decided on a dog theme.  Here are lots of pictures of the decorations and activities.  But first I'd like to thank all our family and friends who came to share in this special day to make it lots of fun.  Your gifts were so generous and thoughtful.  We will always treasure the memories made together today.

First up was the adoption centre.  Each child selected their very own puppy to adopt and make a birth certificate.  I made the cute little felt dogs myself.  The puppy adoption papers are free from Chickabug

Next up was the pet care vet centre to make sure the little puppies were well taken care of.  For this we pulled out our doctor kits.  A Dog agility obstacle course was made from our balance beams, logs and hula hoops.
In lue of gifts we asked guests to bring donations for the local animal shelter.  Of course grandparents and some family brought gifts for the birthday boy, but friends we happy to bring a toy for puppies in need.  (okay I know I spelled donations wrong on the sign but I didn't want to reprint it, and I knew that only my dad would notice.  He did).  All our balls were gathered together to play fetch.  And Pin the bone on the dog was great fun for everyone!

I knew that crafts would be well received by this group.  Pipe cleaners and beads quickly turned into a collar and leash.  Recycled boxes decorated with paper and stickers made perfect doggy beds, complete with scrap fabric blankets.  Not show in our trampoline.  It was popular obviously =)

Fun signs and decoration make all the difference.  My aunt had found adorable napkins that I forgot to photograph.  They had paw prints on them and say "wipe your paws".  You could also make a sign to put next to your napkins and cuttlery.  I also forgot to get a sign that hung above to food table which reads "Kibbles and Bits".  Dog looking balloons were all over the house.  We found a fun centre piece from the local craft store, and made our own doggy tic-tac-toe boards for the tables (even adults can play games too).

Snacks are so fun to do.  The top left shows soft tortillas, brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinamon-sugar, then baked to be a crispy treat.  top right are bone and dog sugar cookies.  Bottom left are Scooby snacks that my aunt found in the US.  We served those in dog bowls with a stuffed puppy trying to eat some.  The cake was made from one round and two oval shapes.  One oval was cut in half to make the ears.  TJ helped with the decorating and both boys happily licked all the extra icing!  I used an interesting healthy recipe that is gluten, sugar and dairy free.  Usually the cake comes out great.  Not sure what happened, I think my blender is slowly dying but is was slightly crumbly today...
Although the party was mostly for TJ, we certainly can't forget about Daddy whose birthday is only a few days later.  So we sang for both of these wonderful guy and wished them a very Happy Birthday!!

Here is a link to my Pintrest board if you want more Puppy Party ideas.