Dairy Farm trip and more

This has been another busy week here for us.  There was lots of rain, so lake Jackson came back ( the huge puddle at the end of the driveway).  The boys were out on their bikes, playing in puddles and having a great time! 

 We also talked a lot about plants.  Our stories, songs and verses centred around plants all week.  The boys have been growing and caring for our seedlings.  They showed me the parts of a plant, we used plasticine to model a plant as it grows from seed to flower.  TJ did a great job during our drawing lesson to draw our story and add some colour to the background.  I think MJ made a robot???
Another day we had an impromptu science lesson.  TJ drew and labelled the parts of  a flower, then taught his younger brother.  We measured all our seedlings and recorded this on a chart.  Next TJ created a bar graph to show the different heights of our plants.  HE realized that the graph was easier to show information clearly.

 At the end of the week we joined a local homeschool group on a tour of a small family run dairy farm. First we got to visit the milking barn and learn all about how the cows are cared for and milked.  Next the children got to explore the equipment and tractors!  Finally they played a game to guess what different farm tools were used for.  We ended with a snack of milk and cheese.  My boys had a wonderful time.

On the weekend we went to a pirate and princess party for their cousin.  Ariel and Pirate Pete both came to the party to tell stories and do some activities with the kids.  It was a lot of fun.  The boys were really cute and loved dressing up.

Next week we will be doing a very short unit on Curious George because we signed TJ up to participate in a literature fair.  It will be our first homeschool event of this sort and he is so into it.  We have already learned about where Africa is on the map, and done a comparison of our forest to a rain forest.... well you'll have to hear about the rest next time.