Interview on parenting that brings peace

I had the absolute privilege to be interviewed by Candice Dugger from the Reimagine Education Conference. Since their in person conference has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they decided to move to online. It gets better, because they actually have turned it into a daily show covering all sorts of topics from parenting, homeschooling, bullying, and more!

I am sharing my heart for parenting that can lead to peace and how that also relates to homeschooling. click the image below and you'll be able to watch the whole thing on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe and watch all the other great interviews available.

Highlights included
  • Connection before correction
  • Stop, Drop and Breathe
  • Care for yourself before you can care for others
  • Work on emotion coaching
  • We also talked about specific things you could do such as family meetings
  • Help kids to feel capable and needed

Resources Mentioned

What did you think of the show? 

What were your biggest take aways?

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