Who's plans do we go with today?

I'm putting myself out there today... No answers, just pondering. I'm struggling with my homeschool ideals (method, plans...).

This year I feel a pressure to do 'more' with my boys.  Last year we unschooled and had a new baby added to our family. There was a lot of adjustment with that and and I didn't see as many measurable projects that the boys were into.  This year I have some plans.

My plan is to use our Waldorf stories along with some different math sources, Reading A-Z and a few other things.  The boys are supposed to do a little school work for me in the morning and then do their own projects/interests, playing the rest of the day.  Of course there are chores, activities, field trips and such mixed in too.

But what if they have their own plans?

I mean I made my lessons fun and kept things short.  Some days things flow beautifully.  And others don't.

This morning MJ became deeply engrossed in Playmobil right after breakfast (he has been making his own kits and looking up instructions online).  TJ wasn't quite awake yet and went off to listen to a Magic Tree House audio story.  Should I have pulled them from what they were doing to follow my plans?

I decided to take the baby outside to play instead.

Later TJ did come out to join us.  He wasn't particularly busy so I strongly (told him he had to) encouraged him to work on his form drawing outside with me.  He is learning the cursive letters for his name right now.  MJ came outside and began building a motor with his spare parts. Then they started trading parts, planing and building together.  I reminded them of my plans, but they said they had other ideas.  Together they poured over car manuals and went back outside to plan their next build.

So I am sitting here asking myself.  Who's plans do we follow today?

To some it may appear like my boys are being defiant and I should make them come inside to do their school work.  To others it looks like I am imposing my own agenda on these creative souls.  I personally am referring to the goals I set out for our home.  Our mission statement if you will. And it looks like their building project falls more in line with what I really want for our family.  So I will not interrupt unless I have to.

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