Enjoying the Spring

We are enjoying the spring weather.  Hurray it's finally warming up!

I often leave some form drawing on the chalk board for the boys to discover and copy.  Recently I have included some cursive writing into the mix.

During some quiet time I found MJ trying to assemble a clock.  He is so much like his father!  Very mechanically inclined.

Little JJ is very busy and curious.  He has very little interest in his own toys, but is exploring the house and wants to be part of what his big brothers are doing.

One day TJ had a playdate, so the rest of us went for a walk.  MJ reminded me that dandelions smell like summer.  We played with the farm toys he had brought.  Then we pretended that dandelions give you bouncy powers.  He was springing all over the field!

I got a mother's day photo!! It's hard to remember to get photos when I'm always the one taking them.

JJ would rather play with tissue than his toys.  He is growing up so quickly and learning new skills all the time.  He is cruising around the furniture and experimenting with his voice.

Here is MJ again.  I discovered these awesome Lego creations that he had made late at night.

MJ wanted to make a wooden boat.  He had me write him a note and then spent hours working on it.  Daddy is so awesome to join in and help out with some power tools.

This is one very proud boy!  He had daddy spray paint the boat.  It works!  Then he made another one the next day.

Here is JJ having fun with the water table.  It is such a joy to watch little ones explore and discover things for the first time.  We often take things for granted and forget how exciting life can be.

MJ: Look mommy!  Come see how beautiful this is.

Mommy: oh (coming to look at what he is pointing at). I was going to take those weed out so we can plant veggies there.

MJ: Please don't I want to keep them.  They are so pretty.

Mommmy: Oh sure sweetie.  I love the yellow flowers too.

Unfortunatly TJ didn't realize our plan and came over later to proudly show us how he weeded the veggie patch!  Oops.  There are a few left for MJ...

JJ loves all the remote control trucks and robots that belong to the older boys.  He was trying to chase this truck all over the yard.

What's TJ been up to??  He is really been spending a lot of time listening to audio stories.  Right now he has been into Geronimo Stilton.  Every time I go to look for the boy he is in his room playing quietly listening to a story.

I sure picked a good name for this blog!  Baby discovered his fist puddle in the driveway.  Everyone enjoyed watching him play.  Luckily cleaning up afterwards is just as fun.  And then he had a long nap.

Want to see more?  I've posted several videos on our Facebook page.  Hope you'l come join us there.