Snapshots of December

In 2015 my word for the year was JOY.  I wanted to seek more joy in the moments of our days.  I determined to slow life down and savour all that I could.  I think I did well with that, though not consistently.  Something that really helped was the idea of "1000 gifts".  You can look it up, but basically I kept a gratitude journal.  The boys and I benefited a lot from reflecting on things we were thankful for.

Okay so these photos are all out of order and only show some of the fun things that December brought us.  We had some wonderful family get togethers and a lovely Christmas.

Actually aside from the fun, December was a hard one for our family.  Our schedule was all off, sleep was out of whack, no one was eating regular foods... so tension and tempers were high.  We did our best and learned a lot about each other and move forward.  

Hanging out with cousins

Baking cookies.  MJ made one with baby JJ in my tummy

Cookie baking with Nanny

Oh look JJ is on his potty.  He is so good at communicating when he needs to go.

Funny photos.  We posed these guys so often this month

Visiting Santa

We found lots of local festivities

Finally a good photo of the boys

The boys love playing with baby

MJ has a great audience with baby JJ

TJ pretending to be a dog

I love my wild Things

Fun bowling for my birthday!  Yup I'm a New Years Eve baby
So now you may be wondering what my new word for 2016 is?  I have reflected a lot and am going with HOPE!

Want some home right now?  I encourage you to head over to Hope for the Weary Mom and grab one or both books they have written.  They are such an encouragement to me and the new devotional has just been released. (It's awesome!  I got a preview copy and can't wait to read it again).

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