Starting off a New Year

Welcome to 2016

To kick off this year we simplified.  I am always into simplifying around here, I just love it!  So we purged each room of the house as we cleaned up from Christmas.  It felt so good to take the house back from the mess and chaos that had accumulated.

TJ has been listening to some stories at the Reading Rainbow Skybrary.  He listened to one story several times over.  He came to me and said "I can see why some people prefer a simple life.  Less stuff to worry about and clean up."

We also simplified our schedule down to the bare minimum.  The boys and I are still going out and doing things, but only when we feel up to it.  Less mandatory scheduled events has reduced our stress and opened us up to many new possibilities.  We'd like to go swimming for fun and go for hikes more.

TJ has finished reading 30 more books.  He is feeling much more confident with his reading, and even helps MJ on occasion. He received an amazing Mechano robot for Christmas.  TJ and daddy to a few evenings to assemble it and now we are having fun playing (check out some videos on Facebook).  TJ's favourite show at the moment is 'Highway Through Hell' which is about two trucks in Alberta.  He has been setting up his own wrecks to recover with all his toy trucks, including Max Tow Truck that MJ got for Christmas.

MJ is starting to take an interest in reading, although he is worried about not getting word correct right away.  He loves playing with baby JJ because the baby laughs at him and is a great audience.  MJ is truly a master builder with Lego!!  He is always coming up with interesting creations that he's made.

JJ is consistently rolling onto his tummy to play.  He is spending more time on his tummy and also loves to grab at everything.  JJ is also amazing at communicating when he needs to go to the bathroom.  Yes our little 5month old uses the potty often.  JJ is always so smiley.  I am hopeful he'll start sleeping in some longer stretches soon (mommy is tired).