Our Week: End of July & waiting for baby

This week we've been waiting for baby to come.  We did not have our daycare friend with us as she's gone to camp for a few weeks around my due date.  We visited lots of local parks, played at home, visited cousins, splash parks and had a really nice time.  It was a special treasured time just our little family before it gets bigger.  

As I write this post I'm at my due date.  Looks like baby will be a little longer.  It's been a hard wait for me because I've been excitedly impatient.  But I'm over it now and will savour each moment as I patiently wait.

The boys have rediscovered so may favourite toys this week.  Dominos, wooden trucks, remote controlled cars, Playmobil and more.  They have spent countless hours playing and having fun.  I was able to work through a lot of random todo things that never get done: baby books are all up to date, the house is all set for baby too.  Daddy has worked non stop to get the van completed!!

As you now we've been following along with Google Camp!  This week is space week.

First we made some space pictures using chalk and pastels.  The boys were so excited to go to the library.  We took out several books and documentaries which they watched all week.  Wow do they ever remember a lot!  The boys also used their imaginations to play with space like toys too.  We tried to do the Google activity, which sort of worked.

At the park near our house the soccer practices for the Pan AM games were held.  We were very blessed to go and watch a few teams practice.  I will admit though that we didn't actually watch any of it on TV.  No reason, but that we were just to busy playing and having fun.  I'll try to show them some highlights on the computer later.

The boys have been participating in the summer reading program at the library.  Each week we go and often get prizes for different things.  This week they participated in some crafts.  They had so much fun making Minion crafts.  They made goggles, a book mark and garden rock.

We also went to visit the boys' cousins at a splash park.  At many of the parks in our area there are young adults hired to play with the kids and do crafts.  The next day we went to a park near us and another person played basket ball with the boys.

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend as a family.  Daddy finished the van so we took it out for a drive.  we visited a waterfall, had ice cream and spent some nice time together.

We started off a new week with a trip to the library and playground.  Back at home it was super hot!!!  We set up a splash park in the shade of our front yard.  Bubbles in the kiddy pool, a sprinkler near the rope swing and they were all set.  

A little while later the whole area turned into mud pit!  Oh boy did they have fun with that.  The clean up was a little more difficult.  They suddenly realized that the water was cold, but they needed to get most of the mud off before coming inside.

We had a midwife appointment today too.  Looks like baby needs a little more time.  So we'll post again when he is born.  In the mean time we've got some tentative get togethers with friends and family.

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What have you been up to??