Our Week: Mid July

Oh man we have had an amazing week!!!  Lots of photos to share.  We are so blessed with amazing family and friends.  I am feeling so loved.

Last weekend we spent some time with Grandpa and Grandma Scott having a picnic at a local creek.  Grandma captured some wonderful photos for us.
TJ and I showing off the community garden plot
TJ in action
Me at 38 weeks
Boys exploring the creek
MJ and Mommy
MJ on a bridge
Happy family, yummy ice cream!! (yes TJ has some very blue ice cream)
We started our week with Camp Google.  Unfortunately I can not seem to get the larger video to play smoothly without pausing.  But that didn't stop us.  We made collages, did an experiment and watched ocean videos.

All set for Ocean Week with Camp Google

TJ's ocean collage with a little mommy assistance.  Our friend made a winter/animal theme.  Mommy made a collage too.  MJ made multiple collages and card.

I know I can't spell!!

We did some buoyancy experiments.  The children also learned the names of all the oceans.  Every time someone in the family travels we circle the country and flag on our world map.  The boys love receiving post cards too.

Later in the day we joined some friends in the natural park near our house.  We let the kids lead the way and take loads of pictures along the way.  We saw turtles, tadpoles, snakes and fungi.

While not in a forest, the kids have been on the trampoline, bikes, sandbox, toy tractor and more.    Paper airplanes, donating items, selling toys to each other, playing vet, reading, Wii and more. They are so crafty and have great imaginations!

MJ made his own swing, while TJ digs to the bottom of the sand box
Ice cream prizes, and McDonalds Minion fun
Mommy is getting ready for baby.

Mommy is excited for little baby to arrive.  I've been trying to prep as much as possible.  Running errands, organizing baby items and baking.  I'm due in just over a week.

In the middle of the week we joined a wonderful group of homeschoolers at the same creek we had been to on the weekend.  I am so blessed to know these amazing families.  My good friend organized a surprise shower for me!!

An amazingly talented friend made the care (do go visit A Little Taste of Heaven).  There was delicious food, a poster for everyone to sign, an adorable onsie for everyone to sign, a bottle of chocolates to win, and games to play.  The kids all played in the creek and playground for hours.

How kind everyone was.  We received the most adorable little outfit wrapped in a receiving blanket.  A group of friends got together to provide us with pre-paid babysitting from our regular sitters.  I was so surprised when I opened the balloons, then realized they were full of certificates!!  The girls were going to jump out of a box, but were at a church camp this week.  

When we arrived home our daycare child's mom was waiting for us.  She is so creative and thoughtful.  Look at this adorable diaper cake!!

The next day we visited a different creek to check on the dams the kids had made a few weeks before.  Some didn't last as long as I expected, but we did have a wonderful time.  On the way home we stopped at the splash park to play and enjoy left over cake.

To end our week we took advantage of the free admission day at all the provincial parks.  A group of homeschoolers all gathered at the park nearby to play at the farm and kids play barn.  The rain never stops these kids and their fun.

Back home MJ decided to turn our home into a farm.  He planed out where everyone would go, which animals we'd have and more.  He then began to move bricks about to create the cash check out for the store that will sell all the things our farm produces.  SO CUTE!!!!

This weekend we've been busy running errands, working on cars and house, visiting friends and more.  What a beautiful time we've had.  I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our week.