Welcome to the world baby

Welcome to the world baby.  This week JJ (sorry no real names for the blog) blessed our family and came out into the world.  He and mommy are both doing very well.  He is perfectly healthy and a great eater.  Very snugly too.

Baby Jackson
JJ is about 4 days old as I write this post.  I am overwhelmed by so many emotions each day.  Mostly amazed that this little guy was just in me the other day and now he is out, home, ours! I get to keep him!!! God truly creates miracles all the time and this tiny infant is surely one of them.

Daddy and baby right after delivery
As I lay on the delivery bed, moments after our little one was placed on my chest, he instantly began looking around, licking his lips and trying to nurse.  How awesome is that, they come out knowing exactly what to do.  Unbelievable!!

Mommy and baby just before going home
It is hard to believe that every single thing out little boy does is a first for him.  The very first walk I just took with him up our laneway, his first bath, first piece of clothes to touch his tender skin... he will never have those firsts again, ever!

Brotherly love
I am overwhelmed with love.  The whole family is.

Our God never ceases to amaze.  He thought of us in the beginning, knew us intimately before we were born.  I am overwhelmed by the thought of it all...

Snuggle baby
And so we start our new family adventure.....

Boys heading out to stay with my parents.  They each got a new toy to remember the day.
Last photo of our family of four
Meet the Jackson five

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