Our Week: Highlights since our last update

Wow we've done so much in the past two weeks.  I do post often on our Facebook page, so do go check that out.

After our last major purge we also reorganized all the toys.  We out some board games in the family room too.  The boys are really enjoying Junior Monopoly, Sorry and Checkers.  We all know of the math and logic skills they are working by playing, but I am most focusing on good sportsmanship.  It can be hard for a young child to loose a game.  The boy have been playing together without me and take turns winning some days.  I look forward to having board games coming out more often.

We went to the cottage.  The boys had fun floating on dock pieces while daddy helped to put in the dock.  MJ played a lot with his younger cousin.  We also did lots of fishing and did quite well (mostly sun fish).

I love that my boys often use something they've seen as a jumping off point for further exploration.  After watching Big Hero 6 for the millionth time in a few days, the boys made their own robot fighters.  MJ used our stencils to draw a lot of different robots.  TJ got to work gathering supplies to make a real moving robot.  We also watched some robot fights on You Tube.  Now they pretend to be characters from the movie when they play together.

We were very blessed to be given some wool longies for our little baby.  I decided to dye some of the pink ones to new colours.  I think it went pretty well for my first attempt.  The boys way me working on that and wanted to do something with the food colours.  They each made their own batch of playdough to colour as they wished.  Unfortunately something went a bit wrong with our recipe and the playdough didn't last as long as it should have.  But we still had fun.

We've been working a lot on our gardens.  We have a plot at home and a community plot up the street.  Our rhubarb is ready and delicious.  We have lost a few plants due to crazy weather, but we'll keep plugging away.  So much potential!!

I love the different colours that bloom throughout our gardens.

One day while at the grocery store the boys kept trying to convince me of all the reasons why they each needed a roll of toilet paper from the pack we bought.  It was soft so they wanted to sleep with it or something like that.  As soon as we got home they each made an alien friend.  MJ's was unrolled and spread all over the house, while TJ's is still around somewhere.

The boys and I just love our weekly forest meet-ups.  We have had the opportunity to check out many new parks and natural areas around us.  The boys and their friends use their imaginations, work together, climb and explore.  So much fun!!!

They boys are growing in so many wonderful ways.  TJ sometimes brings out our feeling cards.  He asks me to help his stuffies deal with tough situations and problems that come up.  Things like feeling left out and such.  We talk about the problem and play through it together.

MJ is a rather independent boy.  He has his own ideas and opinions!  We've ben talking a lot about eating more variety and things that work better for his sensitivities.  He has been helping prepare some meals and pick out what he'd like to eat.  

After one of our foret adventures I was in the mood for some painting.  The boys joined me.  Each of us had very different things in mind to paint.  I made a forest scene, TJ painted a house on the edge of a forest with oak trees, MJ experimented with painting he tractor wheels and also made some roads and farms.

TJ had been craving pancakes for dinner.  He wanted to make the whole meal himself.  So he read the recipe, doubled it and cooked the pancakes.  Very tasty!!  

We are very fortunate that there are so many homeschool groups in our are.  A great deal to the zoo made for an awesome day!  It rained most of the day but that didn't stop us.

So many amazing animals to see! 

What have you been up to?  I'd love to hear from you.

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