Farm Birthday Party!!!

This week MJ turned 5 years old!  I just can't believe how fast time flies.  We celebrated on the day of his birthday by getting together with some friends in a forest (we brought some treats).  That evening we went out for dinner and ice cream.   We also gave MJ the Playmobil 123 farm which he absolutely loves.  He has taken apart every other Playmobil set, Lego, anything we give him.  This set has less removable parts, so hopefully it'll stay in intact for a while.

MJ has love anything to do with tractors and farms for several years now.  Everything he builds or creates is a tractor!  Of course I went Pintrest crazy on the farm theme for his party.  I'm probably going to downscale things a bit for next year... 

Some activities included a farm sensory bin in the water table (beans and farm toys), plant your own flower, pin the tractor on the scene, toss the animals into the barn, and knock over the barn with the tractor.  All of these had adorable signs I made stuck in the ground near by.

I also had out a playmat with farm toys, farm stickers and craft supplies.  As you can see the children enjoyed playing all the games, and our sandbox full of Tonka trucks.  Once the children discovered the trampoline they mostly abandoned the other activities.  Another huge hit was bubbles and out playroom.  It was a hot day and the children loved playing with all the boys toys inside.

Food was mostly snacks, chips, veggie tray, fruit, sprouted chick peas, animal crackers (I found some farm ones at the dollar store), mixed ceral (animal feed) and sausages in crescent rolls.  Again everything had adorable farm themed signs next to them.  Dessert was hay bales (rice krispie squares) and cake that MJ helped to bake and put the toys on.  To take home instead of loot bags the children could keep the bubbles we played with, plant their own flowers and they all got a farm/animal related book.

All the children played so nicely together while the parents got to chat.  It was a wonderful afternoon with family and friends.  MJ appreciates all the gifts he received and has played for hours with each one.