Our Week: End of February

This week was simple, beautiful, and lovely.  
I purged a whole lot (I'll do another post on that), the boys constantly surprised me with their curiosity and interests.  

Here is a brief snapshot of our week.

While this may look like the boys just playing with their trucks, I assure you it was so much more. 

 MJ was taking what he had seen on a tractor movie and was incorporating it into his play.  He even turned his tractor into one with tracks using vacuum belts.  He is still very interested in farming.  We ordered some plough attachments for his Playmobil tractor that have been adored and used all week!

TJ experimented with all the remote vehicles he could find in order to pull his dump truck from different situations.  This too lots of engineering, patients and experimenting 

The boys re-discovered their CD players.  They have been enjoying listening to audio stories and music all week.

Although we've had the fire place going all fall/winter it just occurred to me that it would be the perfect spot to let dough rise.  So we made homemade bread and will be doing that a lot more!

We have also been reading a lot about volcanoes all month.  Both boys are fascinated and are learning so much.  MJ made a book about volcanoes, he drew the pictures and told me what to write.  He also made different volcanoes exploring with plasticine.  There is a video of his explanation on our FB page.

This month the boys have played whole lot of Wii and video games (mommy was purging, rearranging furniture and doing office work).  While it used to bother me, I'm learning to let go and realize that for our boys it really is a more seasonal interest as they aren't outside as much. They are also learning to read a little from following the instructions on the screen!  OH and we also discovered the stop motion feature on my ipad camera.  We've made lots of funny videos together.

One day the boys got talking about repeated addition over breakfast (what is 2+2+2+2+2?).  This lead to an introduction to multiplication and the boys wanting to count bigger numbers.  I suggested hat they get out their hundreds charts.  Both boys practiced skip counting and then worked on making their own board games using the chart.  TJ's was quite involved with great rules.  MJ's game was short but sweet.

Next TJ asked for his paper airplane book.  He normally asks me to make the planes but we wanted to give it a go by himself this time.  He gathered all his paper planes to test out and fly around the house.  MJ wanted pretty paper too (luckily I have lots of scrap booking supplies) and he designed his own planes.

Oh how thankful we were that the weather warmed up slightly!!  Our outdoor playgroup was fantastic.  We were outside for more than an hour.  The boys explored, ran up and down a hill, buried each other and had fun.  The whole group got to practice their communication skills, learning what others like and don't like while playing and working out disagreements.  It's been good for all of us (mom's too).

Since we were on a role with getting back outside more I suggested the next day that we go outside (okay so the boys were going crazy and I sort of sent them out, but I was planing to go out anyways).  They were so adorable using their toy trucks to clear the snow.  We also went on a walk into the forest.  They had so much fun!!

My sweet TJ came to me this weekend and asked to do embroidery!!  He had a project in mind.  MJ wanted to try too.  He made me a tractor (at least that what he says it is).  I helped TJ a little but he did an amazing job.  It is a motor boat in water with the sun for Daddy.

After rearranging the playroom and family room the boys were amazed at how big he house looks!!  I did remove a bookcase and chair from one room but mostly the purging, reorganizing and putting a few things into storage made a big different.  The boys re-discovered our antique sewing machine, which had only been moved from one room to the next.  Daddy even unlocked the drawers to show them all the bobbins and such.  MJ wanted to play with snow inside by the fire place.  Of course that was a great idea.

So there was a glimpse of our week.  Next week we are going to be out a bit more.  We also have an ultra sound of the baby (Oh I got to record the heartbeat on my phone during my appointment this wee).  I can't wait to hear about your adventures.  PLEASE do share them with us...