Our week: lots of play and fun in the snow

I have noticed that as I look back over our week that these few photos can not capture all that makes up our lives.  We do several activities outside of the home (swimming, YMCA, visiting family, play dates, church group) which never get photographs.  We are busy living and connecting other others.  I don't go around with my camera in hand waiting for blog worthy photos all day.  I do love to write about what we do for ourselves and those who would like a glimpse into our every day life.

The further along we are getting this year the more I love it.  I am having the most wonderful time with these boys.  Our week started with taking care of one of the boys' friends for the day.  The children on their own chose to play Playmobil for more than 5 hours!!!  We also baked, crafted and played outside.

One day MJ decided he wanted to paint.  He made paintings for the whole family.  I love how his people are taking shape.  MJ's green picture is of our house with the family next to it.  I painted a farm picture using MJ's left overs and TJ was inspired to paint too.  He made a repeating pattern of ovals and circles for the bushes.  We got talking about where his cars might be going, then TJ decided to add the storm for the vehicles to drive away from.

TJ had a notion to play fishing in order to cheer up MJ mid-week.  We quickly discovered that they will need bigger lifejackets this summer.  Daddy took time to add a reel to TJ's rod.  Oh boy did they have fun.  My boys practiced fishing both inside and outside all week.  Of course they use lures without hooks, but still managed to tangle and catch lots of things in the house.

After re-organizing the playroom the boys have been discovering items that hadn't had much use.  MJ played with the weigh scale for quite a while.  He tried to figure out how much all sorts of different objects weighed.  Together we ordered them by how heavy they were.  He was so excited to help me count the weights for each truck or toy.

On the weekend we drove up to Meaford to visit Grandparents.  Along the way we stopped for dinner and the boys made some funny faces.  We also stopped on the side of the road to get a pillow for TJ but didn't realize that the snow plough had filled in the ditch.  We drove right off the road and landed sideways in the ditch late at night.  Everyone was just fine and several nice people stopped to offer help.  While waiting for a tow truck another driver came along to pull us out so we could continue on.

We had a great relaxing visit with Grandma and Grandpa.  The boys got to play outside a lot and help shovel snow.  They even made a fun snow slide.  Daddy was changing some smoke detectors and the boys enjoyed the new "shower caps" that they were wrapped in.

Inside we played with the toys we brought and grandma showed us a domino game.  Afterwards the boys set up some cool domino runs.  Our ride home went well and the boys enjoyed some extra outdoor time.  We got the fire going again to warm up the house and used up our last few pieces of wood.  Thankfully another load of wood arrives next week!!

I'd love to hear from you.  Let me know what you've been up to this week.