Our Week: Beginning of March

Wow where did the week go?  Here I am looking back on our busy week trying to recall all that we did.  We did spend a lot of time out of he house this week.  We went to the YMCA twice, my sister's house and had friends over.  I have noticed that we all prefer to do one outing or less a day.  I'm really trying to hold to that and schedule less so we can live and enjoy each other more.  Here are some pictures I did manage to capture.

Oh for those wondering about my ultra sound the wait was soooo long that I rescheduled to a different location for next week.

Creative house work
We did some house cleaning throughout the week.  I did pay TJ a little for doing the whole bathroom by himself.  He did a great job.  MJ wanted to help to so he attached different cleaning things to his bulldozer.

The weather warmed a little so we did get outside a lot more this week.  But TJ started wishing for summer and bike riding.  We decided to have a summer day inside.  We all got into summer cloths, played with bubbles, the skate board, and pretended to fish.  

Funny photo of bubble blowing in action

While playing farm, TJ wanted a farm mat like his brother's so we added more land to our existing one.  I love using thrift store sweaters that I shrunk in the wash for these projects.

While at the fabric sore this week I came across the perfect material for a family project.  MJ said he wanted to make the baby a toy.  He wanted to make a Taggie blanket like his, only green and it needed a star like his.  So I found soft green material with stars!!  We made two Taggie blankets (one for the baby and one as a gift).  The boys took the extra material to make taggie blankets for themselves.  The picture above is TJ's called Stars.  Notice that he was specific about the tag placement for hair, arms and legs.

While my hubby and I waited at the hospital for an ultrasound appointment my sister graciously watched the boys.  She read a pirate book, they made treasure and maps.  The boys had so much fun they made more treasure maps at home.  TJ is adding lots more detail to his work, he is also reading and writing more often.  We share the reading on certain books, daddy has been reading with TJ too (he loves that special time).

Towards the end of the week each boy had a friend come over for different play dates.  Everyone had lots of fun playinf inside, outside and all over!  Lego is always a hit.  TJ had me help him build a motorized crane.  MJ broke the wire off his motor a while back so we made a manual crane.

Since we rearranged the rooms (I'll do up a post to show you around), the math manipulative and building toys are more accessible and in the family room.  MJ has worked with the geoboards on his own.  Tonight I suggested the base 10 blocks.  We discovered that 10 ones fit on a rod, 10 rods fit on a flat and 10 flats fit to make the cube.  MJ was surprised by that.  He would also make me towers and I counted how big the number was using the pieces he built with.

I'd love to hear about your week.  What have you been up to??