Our week: Beginning of November

Our week was great.  We always do so many different things!!

We went to the Brott music festival this week.  They offered some concerts specifically for kids. My boys and I had a wonderful time.  Our whole concert was geared for younger ages and was all about different animals.  

Later at home we played our own music to sound like different animals, moved around like animals, drew pictures and wrote poems.  TJ wrote about wanting a dog and MJ wrote about a bird and lion.

I just love to peak inside my boys' imaginations.  They are still very much into farms and this week added new elements.  I was happy to see how detailed the farms are now and enjoyed playing too.

I was so excited that our math manipulative arrived!  I put out the base 10 blocks for the boys to discover.  TJ was very proud of his towers.  He quickly caught on to using them to help create large numbers.

MJ focused hard on making towers with the parts.  He counted every level and has brought them out a few times.

While TJ and I were doing a fun math sheet with the base 10 blocks, MJ was in heaven watching daddy fix clocks.  He even got some new parts for his tool kit!!

In TJ's little world the hippo and lion were discussing what to plant in their gardens, the cows escaped in an orderly fashion and some how the goat was putting up a big fight  here!

Near the end of the week TJ and I went to our local university for a Let's Talk Science day.  First his age group went on a tour of the green house.  We were both so excited to see some carnivorous plants in person as TJ was learning about those recently too.  Later his group did a few smaller dinosaur activities like making a fossil and digging for fossils (chocolate chips from a cookie).

Afterwards we got to visit one of my sisters who works on campus!  MJ spent the day with my other sister and his cousins.

As I mentioned in my post the other day.  TJ has opened a little store.  Both boys were really into their finger knitting.  TJ has now had three orders and his hard at work to fulfill them.  I was such a joy to teach MJ to finger knit and share in his success.

I am having so much fun!  I can't wait to see what we get into next...