Boy's Crafts: My son's new business

My 6 year old son is quite the entrepreneur!!

Finger-knit Skinny Scarf

This afternoon I suggested that we might listen to an audio story.  It was a Sparkle Story about knitting.  I asked if he wanted to do some handicrafts with wool and yarn next week.  Immediately TJ ran to my office and brought back some yarn to do finger-knitting.  He worked away while listening to the story.  We talked about what he could make and decided on a scarf.  While working away TJ said he wanted to sell his projects (much like the boy in the story).  In one afternoon he finished the scarf and started on another!

Finished skinny scarf

We gathered together all his completed handiworks to start with and he will continue to make more.  We talked again about how to sell items and what to do with things that don't sell.  TJ figured we could sell things on my computer and gift anything that doesn't sell as a Christmas present.

I created a FaceBook page for him and loaded the pictures he took.  I'm trying to let TJ do as much as possible with this venture.  He does need some help as he doesn't read much or know about the internet (or computers in general).

Little brother wanted to learn how to finger-knit too.  Oh it was a precious moment to be part of his joy in learning how.  MJ was so excited with every loop he pulled off.  "Mommy I'm doing it!  Look at me finger-knitting!"

I hope you'll help to support this creative adventure.  He is taking special requests and hope that everyone will like what he's made.  PLEASE do come and 'like' his Facebook page Boy's Craft

 TJ's store is called Boy's Craft (he made that one up). The Facebook address was harder to do because the one we wanted was taken already.

"This is TJ. I have a store.  I hope you enjoy all the stuff you buy."


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