Alphabet Adventures E-H

This summer we are working through the alphabet.  These past two weeks we have been doing the letters E - H.  You can read more about the letters A-D here.

I'll admit we've gotten a little off track recently.  The weather has been great and there are so many fun places to go.  We are still bringing in each letter into our day, but now as deeply as I had originally planed.  Luckily we are actually focusing on them throughout the year with our fairy tale stories and activities.

E - When discussing the letter E we made letters out of all sorts of objects.  Then the boys spelled their names.  It was interesting to notice that TJ on his own wrote his name backwards, MJ and I worked together so his name was mostly the right way round.

F - for the letter F we made lots of sounds, played games to think of words that started with F.  TJ and I also came up with a words that started with each letter of the alphabet.

TJ has been keeping up with his workbook, but his alphabet book is getting a bit behind, along with the stories and movements (basically we've been sort of doing circle time in the car).

We did find an amazing library book, several great letter ones.  Alphabet Everywhere by Kaufman shows photos of each letter from the alphabet found in nature or the city.  For example A is the side shot of a ladder, D is the shape of a mall door handle, J is an umbrella handle, F is part of a fence.... I'm feeling inspired to do something similar.

G - this letter has been a tricky one for TJ when writing on his own.  He tends to write is upside down so it looks more like an "e".

H - for the letter H the boys drew on the chalk board.  The were a bit better about writing in their workbooks. MJ is so excited to have a big kid book like his brother (I got one of those all-in-one school work books from the book store).  TJ tried sounding out more words while we were reading.

Oh we also started piano with the boys.  We are using some books my sister found on Amazon.  She is a music teacher and is also introducing the piano to her daughter.  It's cute that all the cousins are doing the same thing.  Our music book has Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear who introduce the different musical concepts to the kids.  The boys loved it.