Lego Party

Happy 4th Birthday MJ

Wow I can't believe my little guy is growing so quickly. My wonderful little boy always has a smile to share.  He adores tractors (wants to grow up to be a farmer), and is always building something.  He has a great imagination and is full of energy!
MJ's actual birthday celebration
On MJ's actual birthday he woke up to a great surprise of Lego, including motors, and gears to go along with it.  After playing Lego for a while we joined my mom, sister and her children at a playground/splash park for the afternoon.  We had a wonderful time.  For dinner MJ chose Ikea.  He loved his new robot sweater, he even makes the buttons do things.

We had toyed with the idea of doing a construction theme for his birthday, but then he became Lego obsessed so here we are with an awesome Lego theme for my 4 year olds birthday!!!

Lego party decorations
There were so many ideas on Pintrest.  I used some Lego colouring pages to help me out.  In the goody bags were some Lego type blocks I found at the dollar store.

Lego party food
The food was mostly appetizers and platters,  I used some organizing bins as trays along with Mega Block cutlery holder.  McDonalds Lego cups worked our great for drinks.

Lego Party activities
For the activities the children mostly played in the yard and on the trampoline.  I wrote a story about a Lego farmer and his friends building things.  Then the children went off on a scavenger hunt around the property for Mega Blocks, then build a unique creation with them.  Later we also played pass the parcel (the prize was Lego type candy).  As you can see the cake was mini loafs pieced together.

We had a wonderful time and are so thankful for everyone coming to spend the afternoon with us.  The generous gifts were much loved.  And now they boys are finally (hopefully) asleep.