Michaelmas is a lesser know festival celebrated now mostly by the  Waldorf community.  I am really not good at explaining the history behind this holiday.  I'l try to update the post later but for now I encourage you to Google it.

During the week we gathered golden rod from fields nearby to dye a silk.  It came out much lighter than I expected.
We also made swords out of sticks and dressed up to play nights and dragons a lot.

We made dragon bread twice!  Once for ourselves and once for the celebration we planed with friends on the weekend.


We added a needle felted dragon to our nature table.  He now lives in Super Sam's forest.

On the weekend we invited some Waldof homeschoolers over to celebrate.  We had set up some games such as harvest veggie toss, javelin throw, sandbox castle building, decorate a dragon, and pool noodle sword fighting on the balance beams.  The children mostly enjoyed playing with out castle playhouse.

We had circle time with fall songs and a Michaelmas story that I wrote for the day.  I have included my story below if you wan to use it.

We all went on a short walk after a potluck dinner.  Dessert was an amazing dragon shaped cake on of the families brought!

It was a lot of fun!!

The Last Dragon
by Meaghan Jackson

This story takes place in a village long a go.  It had been plagued for months by a dragon.  This dragon had burden for the forest, and surrounding fields.  The path of destruction was now heading towards the villages. The villagers went to see the king.  He listened to their concerns and sent messengers out immediately.  Knights from all over were summoned.  No one was brave enough to come.  Just when they were about to give up, Sir George the knight arrived. The villagers wished him well and off he set towards the charred forest.

He was gone for three days.  Everyone lost hope. Then in the distance the villagers and king saw the dragon coming towards them. Everyone was terrified and ran to hide.  Then a small child spotted George on the dragons back.  He stopped just outside the castle and addressed the king.

"Oh king.  I came to your kingdom to offer my services in vanquishing this dragon from your land.  I now come before you on behalf of this dragon to ask that you spare his life.  I have discovered that he is the last dragon of his kind.  He feels so badly that he has destroyed your forest and fields.  This poor creature has been calling and searching in the darkness for any other dragons.  His flames were meant to signal others of his kind.  This dragon does not want to hurt or destroy any more.  Is there any way he can be of service to your kingdom?"

The king thought long and hard.  He consulted his wise men and they come up with a great idea.  The seasons would be changing soon and the weather was getting colder.  Perhaps the dragon could help to keep the castle furnaces warm.  The dragon could also help in the bakery each week to bake the bread for the whole village.

And so it was that the fierce, destructive dragon changed because of the courage of Sir George the knight.  The dragon now brought warmth, strength and light to the villagers through the cold winter months.