Felt and knitting

Over the past few weeks we have been very hands on and craft!  I am slowly working on Christmas gifts behind the scenes.  I can't wait to show you, but will have to wait so I don't give away any surprises.  As the seasons are changing we have been working on some more practical items too.

TJ is learning to finger knit!
All the children's toys needed a new scarf for the fall so I spent a day knitting up a few.

I know our floors can get chilly so I made up some slippers for the daycare children using this pattern.  I didn't want them to start fighting over the other sets of slippers the boys have out grown.  I prefer these simple ones better.  TJ loved them too and I made him a pair of slippers using very very fuzzy soft wool he picked out.
There is another pair of green ones, somewhere in the house!

I originally made these slippers for MJ for St. Nicholas Day, but since everyone else is getting slippers for the fall I couldn't leave out my little guy.
slippers made from felted sweater.
Michaelmas is approaching and we needed a dragon for our stories.  He is currently awaiting wing re-attachment surgery as MJ discovered we need to be gentle with our dragon.

I saw an idea on Pintrest and tried it for ourselves.  We made felted soap using this tutorial.  Our first attempt didn't work, but using the stockings worked great.  The boys felted while playing in the bath and love their new soaps.


  1. Hi Meaghan,
    Such wonderful creations and how great that you're already starting on Christmas gifts! (You're so right...Christmas will be here soon!) Thanks and aloha, Lori


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