Our Week - 2&3

Week 2 
This week we talked a lot about leaves.  We went on some nature walks to collect leaves. Then after reading the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert, we made our own leaf creatures.

This week was also speckled with doctor's visits, baking and canning.  We made lots of apple sauce and catsupish (sort of runny catsup).

In Super Sam's world we made kites and there were more mysterious fires in the forrest.  Kits were a lot of fun for everyone including the daycare kids.

Baking day
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert
A page from Leaf Man
Leaf man made with my and a daycare child
Mommy's leaf horse
My neice's leaf fairy
TJ's leaf man

The highlight of the weekend was that TJ learned to ride a 2 wheel bike bike with NO training wheels!!  It only took daddy 10min of running beside him until we let TJ loose up and down the cottage road.  He is so proud and happy to be riding around!

TJ riding all by himself!!

Week 3

This week we focused on apples.  We read a story I found about the start hidden inside each apple.  We read the story, cut open apples, made apple prints, and apple sauce.  Oh the boys also made more concoctions.  They spent an entire afternoon using up kitchen pantry.

We also went to more appointments, a walks, playground, garden centre and farms, along with a homeschool picnic!

In Super Sam's world we learned about a dragon in the forrest.  We have also been very crafty!!