Our Week -1

This has been an amazing first week of September. I very much loved our daycare group from the summer.  This week I have noticed how calm everyone is with less children.  I am able to focus a little more on my boys and say yes more often to their wildly creative ideas.

Here are some highlights of our week:

Monday: MJ was really sick with strep throat, Timmy and Daddy fixed a car, mommy got to do lots of fall cleaning.

Tuesday: We went for a walk in the forest to collect nature items.  Then returned to create nature mobiles.  In the afternoon almost everyone slept (including my non-nappers) which was a nice surprise!   TJ and I had a chance to make some cool tin can phones that works well.

Wednesday: We went to an awesome picnic meeting our new co-op friends.  The children played for well over an hour climbing a tree, then moved on the the playground and splash park.

Thursday: MJ is almost back to his old self though still a little more crabby than usual.  We went for another forest walk. During our walk TJ wanted to bring along the recorder.  He played growing music and sang songs to all the trees.  The boys all played together in the sand box.  Tj and another daycare boy had some afternoon painting along with making some con husk dolls.  Later in the day while I was making dinner the boys wanted to copy and cook some berries they collected in the forest.  They each made some "garden soup" to feed with their toys.  After dinner we went to see Disneys Planes in 3D.  It was MJ's first movie.  They loved the movie and had fun.  Made a huge mess of the theatre with food too.

Friday: Today we waited patiently in a clinic for TJ's blood work only to find that we couldn't get those particular test done there.  So we moved on to Frootogo for some farm fun!  The boys loved playing there and picking apples.  This week TJ has also been writing lots of lists on the large chalk board (it's his now).  He sounds out words and makes lots of To Do lists for himself.  Later in the evening the church up the street had it's fall fair.  The boys had a great time playing games and each had a pony ride!

Weekend: On the weekend the boys went to Nanny and Grampy's house to go to my dad's company picnic.  My mom's good luck rubbed off as the boys each won a prize.  Mommy was able make and can over a dozen jars of apple sauce and get some office work done!  The boys also carved into pie pumpkins daddy bought.  Next they took a hammer and nail to create cool designs and their initials in the jack-o-lanterns.

On to a new week of adventures!!!