First Day of School

Wow I can't believe a whole year has gone by so quickly already!  I remember back to last year when we first started our journey.  We are excited for another exciting year together.

TJ First day of school
 This year TJ is 5 he will be doing Waldorf Essentials Kindergarten again this year.  We'll add some new crafts, more french, and start the penny whistle, after I've practiced some more

Matthew first day of school
 MJ is now 3!  He and our daycare friends are using Seasons of Joy along with some library books that go with our themes.  We will all be doing our daily activities together with TJ.

We are also are so excited to be part of a Waldorf inspired homeschool co-op this year.  So stay tuned for an amazing year.

Today we went for a walk in the forest to collect nature items.  Circle time was fun using our play silks.  We then made nature mobiles and payed a lot outside.  After lunch we had story time then quiet time.  I was pleasantly surprised that all the daycare children and MJ napped today.  It was a surprise because they are all non-nappers, but their colds must have encouraged the rest.  TJ had some computer time, then he and I made the tin can phones he was asking for the other day.  We had an awesome time and a very relaxing day.

Here is hoping little MJ's strep throat gets better soon.