Helping Young Readers - Speech-Language Pathologist Interview

I love it when a friend can't wait to tell me about someone they know who I just must meet! I am honoured to think that I came to mind and excited to meet new people. This is how I came to meet Rebecca Wong Kai Pun. A mutual friend shared with me that her work with families would be a great fit for my community and she was right. Rebecca considers the whole big picture and real family life in her work as a Speech-Language Pathologist. What a pleasure it is to have her on the podcast.

Listen to the podcast episode here:

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a registered Speech-Language Pathologist (reg. CASLPO). In addition to being the mom of 2 small children, she supports families through independent private practice at Bloom Speech-Language Therapy and is the creator and coach behind The Parent's Blueprint to Reading Confidence online course.


Rebecca is passionate about empowering parents by thinking #outsidetheclinicalbox. Sharing information about communication and literacy development, and supporting parents in becoming active team players in their child's communication journey energizes her and gets her excited. 

On this episode we talk about

  • What is the role of a Speech-Language Pathologist and how their scope of practice includes more than one might think (eg. swallowing, literacy, social skills)?
  • How an SLP supports reading development and how it is different than other professionals (eg. teachers, tutors)
  • The story behind the creation of The Parent's Blueprint to Reading Confidence online course
  • How to join the Popcorn Words webinar (online and in-person options)


7-module reading empowerment course for parents "The Parent's Blueprint to Reading Confidence" complete with live Q&A sessions twice a month to answer all of your reading questions!

Upcoming webinar "Make Popcorn Words POP" happening on Friday Sept 18th, and Tuesday Sept 22nd!


Other Resources for parents in Ontario looking to connect with a Speech-Language Pathologist

School Based Rehab Services (free) - If you're a homeschooler you can reach out to these same organizations to inquire about in-clinic options for your school-aged child! ***Long waitlists so inquire early knowing you may have to wait for services

LHIN Preschool Speech and Language Program (free) Children 0-6 years of age

Are you looking to join a supportive community of parents join us in the Gentle/Peaceful Parenting Community on Facebook