Engage your children's learning with themed days

We've been at home for almost two months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As time wears on my boys are loosing interest in learning and school work is becoming a chore. My boys mentioned that they had nothing to look forward to. All their classes and events have been canceled and each day is blurring into the next. This comes in handy when they have no idea if it is the weekend and I can sneak in some extra school work.

In order to combat the boredom and liven up our time together we added some fun themed days to our calendar. Pinterest along with Teachers Pay Teachers are two websites that have been my go to for quick ideas and educational worksheets.

We started off with the basics:

No chore day
No school work day
Backwards day - where we ran our day backwards

Those were a nice change from the mundane, but we craved more. I wanted to include some educational components while still making the units fun. I began making Pinterest board on any fun topic I could think of. I looked for easy to plan, fun activities and simple worksheets. 

I was sure to include something for mathematics and english. We also watched relevant videos like the history of each topic or how it was made. Beyond that I looked for art projects, building and STEM projects, games and food we could include. In fact I found so many amazing ideas for each that we ended up taking 2-3 days for each topic.

This worked out beautifully because in one week we could get some regular school work done and include a fun theme to make our days at home more enjoyable. 

Then we chose topics that were tasty and fun

Chocolate day
Pizza day
Cereal day

My boys loved themes that went with popular books and movies

Star Wars Day is May the 4
Green Ember
Harry Potter

Other fun themes we have planned 

Dinosaur day
Camping - yes we went camping in our back yard

I'd love to add some more fun days to the rest of our school year and maybe into the summer. Most of the time you can use items you have around the house. There are enough activities to choose from that you can pick what works best for your unique family.

I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what topics your children would pick in the comments!

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