Let the Challenge Begin!!!

I'm so excited!!! Let's Read What We've Got

I am so happy you have decided to make an attempt to read through all the books in your own home library.  I have nothing against the library.  In fact we purged a great deal of our own books so that we didn't have to store them all and could make use of the library system.  It's just very difficult to take our busy toddler there right now and I wanted to actually be accountable to someone and read what we had at home for a while.

So will you join us?

Don't worry about the details. (If you want to check out our first post here).  Just read, share, and enjoy.  My family is going to do our very best to read all our book. We are going to record what we've read and share some of our favourites with you.

I am still looking for guest posts if you are interested in sharing anything literature based with my readers. If you are interested in offering a giveaway please contact me too!

Oh I also have some great tips from some of my FB friends to share with you...

  • One family has done this type of challenge personally before by taking all the books and putting them in a pile and then after reading each one either putting it on the keep shelf or the donate box.

  • Another family passes on some of their books after they have read them.

  • Oh another great idea I saw was that one of my friends (with a huge and amazing library) labels the shelves so books are easier to locate.
Do you have any awesome suggestions to share with us??
Be sure to join us on FB and share your ideas in the comments below.