My Son Wrote a Story

We were at my parent's house the other day.  My mom brought out a big box of all the old cards, stories, poems etc. my sisters and I had written when we were little girls.  The next day when there was a lull in the action I asked the boys if they wanted to write a story with me.  MJ drew some pictures and asked me to add words.  TJ started to dictate a story for me to write.  This story is basically what he told me to write.  I asked a few questions along the way for clarification and to expand on details. He has given me permission to reprint it here for you.

Sir Castleot

Once upon a time there was a knight.  Sir Castleot had to do three challenges.
1. Winning a basketball game.
2. Learning about the moon.
3. Winning a war.
He had to complete these challenges in order to become a real knight.

Sir Castleot felt confident about winning the basketball game. He thought learning about the moon might be cool. But he was a little bit nervous about the war since he had never done anything like that before.

On the night before the big basketball game Sir Castelot slept with his basketball. When he woke up it was still there. He arrived early at the court then everybody arrived. He was on team knight. The others were on team snake. Each basket counted as two points. The Knights got one basket. The Snakes got two baskets, so the score was 2-4. The Knights got two more baskets and won the game. The final score was 6-4. Sir Castleot felt really good and proud inside for winning the first challenge.

The next day he got into the spaceship and went off to the moon. Sir Castleot got off the spaceship and floated around the moon for a bit. He saw something. It looked like a little spot on the ground, but it was a crater. He got stuck for a minute but then got out. He slept in the spaceship for one night and then went home the next day.

Sir Castleot presented what be learned to the people. He learned that the moon had no atmosphere, no wind or rain or anything like that. The reason he knew that was because he found footprints that weren't his. He saw that they were from the first astronauts to visit the moon on a different year from him.  He also learned that astroids make craters in the moon.  He knew this because he saw one hit some flat ground a little ways off.

Back home he had two days before the war. He could practice, rest, or do whatever he wanted. And he decided to spend hi time not resting or getting ready, but practicing. He wanted to practice so he could win the war, so he did sword fighting. On the night before the war he decided to sleep with his armour next to his bed. He also slept with his clothes on so he would be ready for the next day.

He heard something about a one-on-one sword fight.  That explains exactly why he decided to spend his time practicing sword fighting. Sir Castleot went to the place where he would sword fight early because he lived so far away. hen he got there all his friends where there to cheer him on. Sir Castleot's opponent had just spent his time doing the same challenges.  He was just as nervous as Sir Castleot was about the sword fight. They had no idea that they were both trying to become knights.

The sword fight began. Sir Castleot banged his opponent over to the edge. But just then his opponent got a good whack at Sir Castleot and they both ended up in the middle. Sir Castleot's opponent smacked Sir Castleot to the edge. Then just as he thought all was lost he got a good whack at his opponent's tummy. He got him twice like that and got him to the edge. The two men were fighting with cylinder swords with rounded tops and wore armour so they wouldn't get hurt. When the opponent raised his sword over his head, Sir Castleot shoved his own sword right into the opponent's stomach and shoved him off the wooden board into the water.

Sir Castelot had won. His opponent, Bob, had lost. He was tired but very proud of himself for doing the challenges. they had a big ceremony. Sir Castleot was given his own sword, shield and armour by War King. He went off to win more battles.

The End