A Joyful Day

Here at Joyful Mud Puddles we are all about finding joy in everyday life.  Yesterday was just an ordinary joy filled day.  One I wanted to remember always.

We made a slight change to our regular rhythm.  The boys had been missing the stories I used to tell, so I added that back in along with a bit more structure to the day just to see how things would go.  I realized (I knew it but needed the reminder) that mommy needs to hold the space to keep things together during the day.

After breakfast the boys played Playmobil together while I cared for baby. Their game came to an end while I was working on some puzzle books (search and find, decoding, brain teasers etc). The boys jumped in and took over with that. While baby was a sleep I did some planing. Then the boys came out for a snack and joined me as I read Sleeping Beauty.  We chatted for a bit and then they started to be loud and wrestle, then fight.  I tried to stop them and give them some choices on what to do... clearly that didn't work, so I got dressed and went outside.  Within five minutes the boys dressed themselves and joined me.

Decorating for Spring

MJ went straight to the back yard to dig trenches in the gravel where the patio used to be.  TJ hunted around for something to do.  He pulled some weeds and inspected his gardens.  We started to rake away he leaves only to discover new shoots poking through.  Oh the squeals of delight as they went from plant to plant looking for signs on life.  I wish I could have had a video of those delightful moments.

We came in to warm up, have lunch and play.  The boys noticed that I had put out or spring decorations so they got to work making our nature table look fabulous.  They even added treasures from their bedrooms. After lunch they played Wii while I took a break.

Boys digging trenches in the rain

Later in the afternoon I got out some blank journals and crayons, then started to draw a picture to remember the story.  Both boys decided to join in and we all discussed our favourite parts.  Tomorrow we will write a summary for our pictures.  TJ was excited about his journal and can't wait to add more about what we are learning.  MJ expanded his drawings from only tractors to illustrating the whole of Sleeping Beauty!

Every time there is a lull in the action my boys tend to bug each other and it often leads to a fight.  Baby JJ and I went outside to explore.  Again the boys hurried to play in the rain again.  They both worked on digging trenches, this time with the hose for a water source.  This was the first time JJ was down on the ground exploring.  He seemed to like the feel of grass.  He enjoyed holding sticks and watching what was going on.  Of course he kept making a bee-line over to where his brothers were.

Baby JJ exploring outside

JJ and I went inside again and saw the boys spraying each other with the hose and filling their boots with water.  I love my fun crazy boys!! Daddy got to hear about all our fun when he got home.

After dinner, we decided to start evening TV time earlier so that we'd have time for a story before bed.  We all missed that special time together.  Bed as usual and thankful prayers for a lovely day together.

 What have you been doing today?  I'd love to hear from you!