Happy Easter

I just wanted to send my very best Happy Easter wishes to everyone.  Thank you for following our journey and reading my blog.

You will notice that I have had some amazing guest posts recently.  Do go visit their blogs, I know you'll be inspired.  I have two more guests next week and others to follow.  I'm also posting elsewhere too these days.  What an exciting opportunity!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

I have been working on updating this blog a little, you'll notice a few changes.  Some my even have received some blank test emails (sorry about that).  But I'm getting it all smoothed out.  I hope you'll all sign up for my weekly newsletter.  When you do you'll receive a free guide on ways to remain calm when children are pushing your buttons and you are about to flip out!

Finally, please keep baby JJ in your thoughts.  He had an allergic reaction to something this weekend (hence no blog posts from me this week).  It appeared as a full body skin rash, so his breathing is fine but he is rather itchy and uncomfortable.  The problem is that I'm not sure what set it off.  We are going back to basics with him and hope that it doesn't happen again,

Many blessings to you all.