Our Week: Enjoying the spring weather

I figured it was time for an update!!  
I've cut back on my picture taking to be more engaged and enjoy being present with the kids.

We've been out into different natural locations several.  The boys adore being outside, climbing trees and such.  Resting is also awesome in the outdoors too.

TJ love all the wonderful thoughtful gifts he received for his birthday.  We've been spending lots of time using them and playing.

We were blessed to visit a new location with friends.  They explored, played and flourished!

Body painting is always a fun thing to do.  A bit chilly being washed off though...

My creative boys can make almost anything out of loose parts.  TJ ha made a ring toss game, and I'm not sure what MJ has made but they both love their creations.

We also got to celebrate Daddy's birthday.  MJ packed up a lot of his toys to give to his daddy.  TJ made the most thoughtful video talling dady all the reasons he loves him.  We added pictures and made a CD for him.

Another outing with friends to the forest.  This time the kids created the burr club, collecting all the burrs they could into this huge beehive shape.  We took it back with us the following week to add more!

We went to a fabulous Super Hero themed party for the boy's friends.  The bouncy castle kept them busy most of the time, but they also loved dying their own cape.  Back at home the capes were used as the ground in small world play.  They also rode around on bikes dressed as super heros.  So cute!!

We took advantage of the nicer weather to visit several different skate parks recently.  The boys have improved so much with their balance.  MJ is loving his new padding and practices falling just for fun to try them out.

We've also been caring for our flower beds, and planting vegetables in our gardens.

After organizing the playroom, we moved some board games to the family room.  So much math, learning, sportsmanship and family fun have happened around out coffee table.

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