Handmade Baby Gifts

Is it just because I'm pregnant or is there something in the water?  But it seems to me like there are so many pregnant people that I know!  There is due to be a baby born every month from now until the end of the fall from just friends around me.  Needless to say that I am super excited and having way too much fun being crafty.  So here are some adorable projects for you that I've been working on.

Taggie Blanket

MJ wanted the baby to have a matching Taggie blanket to his only it had to be green.  Well I found the perfect material at the fabric store that was green with stars.  We had enough to make a blanket for our baby, one for a friend, and the boys used the left overs to make themselves a smaller blanket each!  So easy to do.  
Cut two pieces of material whatever size you'd like.
Cut a lot of ribbon approx 4inches in length.
Pin the ribbons to the font of one piece of material with the ends sticking over the edge a bit.
With right sides together, sew both pieces of material together (leave a gap)
Turn right side out.  Sew up the hole.
Over stitch near the edge if you'd like.

Soft cubes (with tags)

This one was super simple too.  Each cube requires 6 squares (around 5 inches each).  Sew them into a cube shape adding as many tags as you'd like.  Here is a tutorial someone else did if you'd like.

Sock Owl
About a year ago I used to sell my crafts online.  Sock Monsters and other critters were a huge hit!  I still had a few sock owls cut out, so I decided to make them up to add to baby shower gifts.  Be sure to use felt or material for the eyes.  Buttons are dangerous for little ones as they might chew them off and choke.  Here is a tutorial on how to make these cuties.

Knit bonnet

I love those little hats babies often receive from the hospital when they are first born.  The only trouble is that they pop off as soon as the baby moves.  Most baby hats are like that.  I decided to knit an old fashioned bonnet for my little guy in a very soft bamboo silk yarn.  I can't wait to him to wear it!!  Here is the pattern (there are so many beautiful patterns on Ravelry to choose from)

Knit mittens

I had some yarn left over after knitting up the bonnet so I decided to knit up some mittens too.  This pattern was super simple but I did make some slight changes.  I was running low on yarn so I used smaller needles and shortened them a bit. I also couldn't be bothered hunt down my double point needles so I made them flat and sewed up the seam.  Here is the pattern for the mitts.  I plan to make a larger pair for the winter.

Knit booties

Baby socks and many styles of cute booties never stay on wiggly baby feet.  These adorable booties have a cuff that can roll up so they go farther up the baby's legs.  You can use any combination of colours for the foot and cuff, it really doesn't take much yarn.  I made these to fit in the fall and I'm working on another winter pair.  Here is the pattern for these sweet baby booties.

Summer bonnet

I am super excited about this sun bonnet.  Having already had two spring/summer babies I know that a hat s very important.  However, many hats with large brims fall off a baby' head when they lean against you or anything really.  There is something to be said for those old fashioned bonnets.  This hat is made of a grey linen lined in a pale blue cotton.  I used Simplicity 1600 pattern, although I also found this great tutorial online too.

Winter hat

For this warm winter hat I simply used a slightly larger version of the baby bonnet.  The lining is actually a pair of my boys' footie jammies that no longer fit, they are polar fleece.  The outside is a wool sweater that I felted and shrank in the wash.  I made the bonnet without the brim.  Here is another cute winter hat for babies.

Gnome hat for the older boys

Okay so with all the adorable baby crafts I've been working on, I didn't want to leave out the big boys.  They've had plenty of my crafty skills over the years.  Check it out our old blog under the labels baby, clothes and crafts.  This week I added a fleece lining to the fabulous gnome like hats I had made for the boys.  I know the boys love their hats but like me, we find wool to be a bit itchy.  They lining now makes these hats a favourite and still worm since the weather is still chilly here.  Here is a tutorial incase you want to make a hat like this too.  I plan to make a small one for baby next year.

Coming soon:

Knit vest
Our little man is just begging for a knit vest.  I'm still picking a pattern but here are a few I like

Knit pants
I'm all about keeping babies warm and cozy.  How cute will my little guy be a pair of knit pants. Now I just need to decide which pattern to use.
Booty extreme knit pants
Maternity Clothes
I've already made myself a PJ shirt and I'm working on a wrap dress.  The key for me is easy access for breast feeding.  I'll make a separate post soon.

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