Our Week: March Break

This week is March break for all the school kids.  For us it is life as usual but with some extra friends joining us for our adventures.  At the the beginning of the week we had some of the boys' friends join us for the day.  All the kids are so imaginative.  There was Playmobil, crafts, baking, dress-up and a whole lot of outdoor exploring.

MJ made a pregnant peg person
 The boys were able to feel their baby brother kicking in my tummy which was fun.  We are talking about him more and how he is developing.

The children all practiced climbing trees

Tower building

Pretzel baking
Mid week I got really sick so was out of commission.  The boys watched some documentaries, played Wii, and got outside a little too.  They were good about helping me get better so we took it slowly for a day or two. We did manage to check on our seed experiment too.  TJ and I drew pictures in our nature journals and the boys also checked on the progress of their snap dragons.

TJ thrilled to get moving again in the nice weather
At the end of the week mommy was feeling normal again.  We spent some time cleaning the house.  We joined our friends for out outdoor play group and had a wonderful time rolling down hills, walking along the board walk and exploring the beach front.  The children were all so careful and used great judgement near the ice.  They discussed their own safety rules for playing together and got a long wonderfully.  We can't wait to go again next week.  Later in the day my older sister came over with her friend's kids that she was babysitting.  We had a great time together playing, riding bikes, and playdough.

TJ's been continuing to work on his reading.  He is moving along nicely and even choosing some harder books to progress through.  We have also have been learning more about the Mars Rovers.  I am going to encourage TJ do be doing more with that next week.

How was your week??