My Love-Hate Relationship with Facebook

I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook.  Some of you may not have any trouble and I'm not here to make anyone feel guilty about how they spend their time.  This is just how I feel (as do a few other's I've spoke with).

Facebook can come with a lot of drama!  When you comment or like a post that is public, everyone in your friends list can see that.  Not all your friends or family may agree with your point of view and chime in with their opinions too.  For me it has created some serious drama and relationship issues.  Maybe it would have happened without Facebook, but it certainly didn't help much.

Facebook for some can be a time sucker!  Do I seriously need to keep checking me phone every few minutes?  Where did my whole evening go?  Why am I looking at vacation photos for an old colleague's sister's trip?  What am I teaching my children through this addictive behavior?

For some time now I've been unhappy with my time online, how it is affecting my ego and relationships. After some personal reflection I was ready to just drop off line completely.  I Googled why people have deleted their Facebook accounts and came across some great posts including this one.  I posed my problem to my hubby, a good friend and a group in'm on who I knew would understand where I'm coming from.  Below are some of their suggestions.

THINK before posting consider the implications, is it worth it?

Spring Clean your account: Go through your friends list and unfriend people you don't even recognize. Do the same with other categories on your profile and leave groups that you don't follow anymore.

Unfollow people. This way their posts doesn't show up in your news feed but you are still connected as friends.

Organize your friends list into different groups/lists.  When you post you can choose which group will actually see what you've written.

Change your notifications.  You devices don't need to bing for every single post that goes onto Facebook.  You can turn off the notifications for different groups you are in.

Make two separate accounts a personal one and one for business or special interests.  You can change your name on one account posting freely as you wish since the unanimity is nice.

Change your account settings, clamp down on your Facebook securities and profile settings.

Manage your time.  If it isn't FB it'll be something else like Pintrest, twitter, intagram etc.In managing your time try to post less too.  Don't add to the FB clutter.  Some people have a set time each day for checking emails and other social media.  As a parent I love this plan because my boys constantly see me on my phone all day and I'd rather be connecting with them in person.

Remove the Facebook apps from your devices.  Keep it only on one desktop or laptop and stop checking your phone every five seconds.

Comment or Like as one of the pages you manage. If you have more than one page under your account, say for your business or blog did you know you can like or post as one of them instead of yourself.  At the bottom right corner of some posts (mostly public ones not those in closed groups) there is a little flag.  Click on that and comment as one of the pages you manage!

Set up a separate page under your profile and post away.  Only people looking for you will like it and see what you are up to.

Be confident in yourself.  Personally i think it would be too much for me to manage two separate accounts although I do like the idea.  But I am who I am and I'm not going to separate myself into two people.  If you don't like what I've posted or don't agree with me, then unfollow, unlike or unfriend me!

Take a break:  Just don't go on Facebook for a certain amount of time.  Some people do this for a week each year or even longer.  The world really will continue without you checking in all the time.

Delete your account completely.  From what I've read most people who delete their Facebook accounts are happy with the free time and less stress.

PS there are some really funny ecards and mems about Facebook out there if you do a quick search...

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  1. Your graphics are funny! We lost our power in our neighborhood a few weeks ago and I asked my neighbor (homeschools) if her day was impaired. No, actually I started a really good book, she said. Same here.


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