Our Week: 3rd week of January

This week has been so much fun.  Lots of building and learning new things.

We started on the weekend by using coloured water in squeeze bottles to play in the snow.  We also made a snow volcano too.

I love when the boys take the lead with what they would like to do.  While watching TV one morning on the weekend they were watching Artzooka and asked me to look up the instructions for these adorable snowmen lanterns.  We got right to work, bought what we needed at the store and enjoyed our crafts.  The boys have been using then at night all week.

We did a lot of crafts this week.  Model magic, play dough, and recycled creations.  TJ was so proud when he solved his puzzle and MJ was very pleased with his cardboard castle.  I am still getting used to how independent they are becoming.

While visiting my younger sister, we worked a little on TJ's history project. He wants to participate in the local homeschool history fair and has chosen to focus on ancient Egypt.  We talked about shapes and created a cardboard pyramid.  We took notes to write facts about the pyramids on each side of what he built.  I also brought the balance scale we haven't used yet.  We weighed different toy cars, made some estimations and more.  All the kids enjoyed testing it out.  MJ brought it out again later in the week.

When we got home MJ asked me to read some of the tractor books he had selected from the library.  Then both boys wanted to build tractors from recycled materials.  We had lots of fun problem solving and making adjustments.  TJ even added bicycle training wheels to his creation!

I had a midwife appointment that MJ joined me for.  So far everything is going smoothly there.  After I picked up TJ from the YMCA we joined a friend at the park.  The boys picked up lots of dried grasses to use as camouflage.  When we got home TJ glued his into a mask o he could keep his hands free.

I got to go to work with my hubby one day this week!  I haven't helped him out for over a year now.  We were very blessed to have to sister that homeschool come over and spend the day with the boys.  I enjoyed a change to my day and I know the boys had a great time.  They begged me to let the girls stay longer when I got home.  That day they played outside, went sledding, baked cookies, watched movies, and played with play dough, dress-up and trucks.  

A friend generously gave us a pair of skates that fit MJ.  TJ was very persistent in asking for a pair too.  I found his some at a used sports store.  So we went out after dropping of the babysitters.  This was the first time my boys had been on ice skates.  MJ needed us to hold him up and often sated his own way (kneeling with one foot sticking out).  I was very impressed with how quickly they caught on once we left them lone.  We had tried to give TJ some instruction but it seemed to frustrate him.  We he did things his own way and it worked.

We went out again the next morning but didn't last too long because of the wind. So we visited some friends and had a great time catching up.

Playing tricks was still big with the boys this week, although towards the end of the week they brought out the Lego.  TJ made some very interesting creations with his motors.  He'd like to get a new motor with lights and other attachments.  We found out how much it costs, then he counted his savings and started doing extra jobs around the house to earn more money.  MJ tried very hard to make a tractor with gears, but was easily frustrated.  We did lots of problem solving together to solve his issues.

I can't say enough great things about Snap Circuits!  My boys worked with daddy while I was out visiting one of my sisters.  They made some really cool sirens.  TJ can look at the pictures and assemble on his own.  Often I'll read the description so he knows a bit more about what he made.  MJ picks a cool looking picture and helps me to put it together.

Today while reading one of the boys AWANAS handbooks the little boy in the story pretended to go camping in his room.  TJ asked if he could too.  This prompted us to fold all the laundry piled in the TV room and tidy it.  The boys have discovered they are getting too big for the play tent, so we built a chair and sheet tent.  TJ is trying to settle in as I type.  MJ didn't last long in the play tent and is trying to settle into his own bed now.

I can't wait to see what we'll be up to next week!  Please share and let me know what you are up to.


  1. What a week! I love all those recycled material sculptures. And I've been curious about snap circuits too. Do you think a 5.5 year old and 4 year old can do them?

    1. Jacqueline I do think your children could do snap circuits. My 4.5 year old loves to pick out a project and help me put the pieces into place. He needs a bit more supervision. My boys are still young and not really reading much so they don't take the time to read all about the detailed electrical side of things. But they certainly are fascinated and excited by each project we do.


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