Summer Reading Challenge

Let's kick off this summer with something fun for the kids to do. This summer I wanted to encourage my boys to keep reading. 

My oldest loves to read and always has a new book on the go. My middle son prefers to read manuals rather than stories. His reading had definitely improved this year and he is feeling so proud. And our youngest is enjoying learning his letter sounds and tries so hard to write like his big brothers. He loves to pour over comic books and picture books with great interest. So why not keep that passion going throughout the summer months.

Lets do a summer reading challenge!!

When you decide to start any kind of challenge there are two things that you need to do. The first is to have a clear goal or end point. Otherwise you will loose interest quickly. You could come up with a goal for the family or each individual child.

For a reading challenge you may wish to track one of these or make up your own:
  • the number of books read
  • a set ending date
  • a certain number of hours you read
  • the number of pages you read
The second thing you need to keep motivated is a reward at the end to celebrate all your hard work. Now each family is unique and different so you'l have to determine what works best for you.

How about.....
  • A book themed party
  • Trip to the book store or a new book
  • Sweet treats
  • Special outing
  • Movie night based on a book
  • New toy
  • Zoom call with friend and family to celebrate
  • Create your own trophies and have an award ceremony
  • Make a certificate
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I can't wait to see what your family does for this challenge. Post your pictures and share your celebrations with us on the 

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