What if they fall behind?

Have your children been home from school for the past few months? 

Are you already a homeschooler but school has looked different now that you are home all the time?

I know that for many parents a nagging worry is forming in the back of heir minds. What if my children are falling behind? Am I doing enough? Will this long break from school mess them up?

The short answer is NO! They are not messed up, or behind.

For one thing the entire world would now be behind because all the schools have been closed at some point. Everything has changed. We are all learning to adapt to this new normal.

How are you adapting? How are you dealing with all the changes going on in the world? Have you had to learn a new way to work from home?

This is the point. This is where the focus should be. It may seem subtle but it is so important. LIFE SKILLS are what will be the big difference between those who thrive and those who survive this pandemic. Are you teaching your children how to adapt? How to deal with stress? Are you teaching them about self care? Kindness towards others? 

Children who learn how to learn, to be resilient and flexible in any situation will do better in life! So before you panic and throw one more math sheet at your already stressed out child, let us look at the big picture.

What are some of the characteristics and life skills you want your children to learn or have hen they grow up? Go ahead and brainstorm. Even do this with your partner or kids.  What does your unique family value?

Here is a partial list to help you get the idea

Respect for others
Problem Solving skills
Self control

What if you viewed each challenge during your day as an opportunity to practice or teach to your future goals? When the kids are fighting you get to teach and practice problem-solving and good communication!

If you are worried about academics, by all means include that as part of you day. Try not to obsess over the tiny details. Give yourself and your kids grace. This is a strange time and we need to be a bit more relaxed.

Here are some activities that still encourage learning, but also focus on family connection. This of all the math, science, art, history, physical activity involved as you read the list...

Board games
Play dough
Sensory play
Family movie night
Video games
Stop motion video
Making a family movie
Dance party
Building forts
Sand box or dirt pile
Small world play

This is the time to be focusing on connection. Helping your child to feel safe, secure and loved. They need help navigating their big feelings in a healthy way. Lets face it we all need help with our big emotions these days.

I know you can do it! Let go of your worries and enjoy being with your children. My hope is that this time will be filled with fond memories you have created together.

If you are struggling at all with your parenting or homeschooling I would love to come along side to support your family. Visit Joyful Mud Puddles for more or join my Facebook group for more support and to get to know me better.