9 Ways that Dads Engage in Parenting and Homeschooling

Happy Fathers Day!!


Dads play a huge role in parenting and homeschooling, but they are often overlooked. Often it could be because of the style of homeschooling or that dad isn’t home as much during the day, regardless of the excuses I think we should celebrate all the ways dad ca be involved and thrive!


It truly helps the most if both parents are on the same page as far as parenting or homeschooling style/method. You will certainly not do everything alike, but major division will make things harder in the home. A united front is going to model for the children that you are a family unit who works together.


Dads are excellent at leading bible studies or daily devotionals. Whether that is over dinner discussions or a set time as a family. Dads have a great way of taking charge and leading in a unique way.


My children always look forward to daddy coming home from work The evening slips by too quickly and suddenly it is time for bed. Bedtime stories are always extra special when dad reads to the kids. My husband also helps put the youngest to bed each night and prays with the older boys and tucks them in too.


I bet there is a super skill that dad has. Perhaps related to his job or hobby that he can teach the children. My boys are always learning about cars, computers and electronics from my husband. He takes the time to help the boys work on their own projects too.


Along with sharing a passion or interest with the kids, dads are often really good as teaching a subject. They often have a unique way of looking at things or explaining it that might click with a particular child. My husband will often take time to help with reading, printing and math because he has insight into the way my boys are thinking and processing information.


Life skills are always important for anyone to learn. Dads are often very involved here when they allow the children to help with things like fixing and repairs around the house. How about grocery shopping and cooking or learning about money? There are a lot of every day practical thing that we over look and don’t ‘count’ but fathers are constantly building into their children.


Character building is a naturally part of parenting. Fathers are great role models for children when they demonstrate empathy, kindness, forgiveness and apologies. They can encourage their children and help to guide them in the right direction. I love when fathers join us for the parenting courses I offer. They have great insight and truly want to connect with their kids.


Support and encouragement is one thing I truly appreciate from my husband. I know that he is my biggest cheer leader. He believes in me as a person as well as what I'm doing with our homeschooling and parenting. He is someone I can talk to and lean on. He is also the same way with our children. They know he will always be there for them with love and wisdom.


Practical help is an obvious way fathers are essential to the family. Dads are the ones kids often go to for practical help. They often jump in behind the scenes to help the house hold run smoothly.

So let's celebrate the awesome dads, uncles, grandfathers and male figures in our children's lives. Those who truly love our kids and help them to grow.

Tell me about the special father figures in your family

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