Working from Home with Children

I asked the following question on my Facebook page: What is your biggest struggle right now? There were a variety of answers but it was obvious that everyone was overwhelmed, along with of parental guilt. A lot of parents are now finding themselves working from home with children around. Here are some things that have worked for us as we run a home business and homeschool our boys.

Use what little time you have available
Get up early before the children wake
Stay up late after they go to sleep
Make use of quiet time or nap time

Make a safe space for all
Set up a safe space or play yard near your work area
Work outside while kids play
Wear little ones
Offer up some office supplies (stampers, paper, enveloped, clipboard) so your child can play office while you work

Keeping the kids occupied
Audio stories and podcasts are great to keep kids occupied
Sensory play seems hold kids attention longer (water table, rice bin, playdough)
Screens or other technology
Have snacks readily available or make up snack trays

Use anyone else available
Take turns with another adult if possible
Ask older children to take turns reading or playing with younger siblings
ALSO loosen up on your standards it is hard to balance work, cleaning, children, education… give yourself grace and try to stay flexible.

This article I found also has lots of ideas.

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