Our Week: Early April

I was looking back at photos today and thought I'd share what we've been up to.

MJ found his old sleep sack and it still fit!  So of course TJ wanted one too.  We had some fun sewing this up for him.  Now all the boys match!

MJ taught himself to ride a two wheeler.  He was very determined and wanted to try it all alone.  This week he wants to try out a larger bike.

Baby JJ is 8months old!  He loves exploring outside.

MJ is so in love with his little brother. A little too much some times, but they have lots of fun together.

We've been working on establishing a good rhythm.  The boys are learning so many new skills and great at keeping the house clean.

JJ is so curious.  He is cruising, and getting into everything!  No where in the house is safe.

This spring weather is crazy.  It swings from snow and cold days, to rain, and then warmer days each week.  

We went to an Early Years Centre in town.  JJ loved checking himself out in the mirror.

TJ got super crafty and made a lot of interesting puppets and creations.  When we got home I was inspired to reorganize a little so that the boys had easier more visible access to the craft supplies.  They also needed some baby safe places to play in the family room since they hate hiding out in their bedrooms to play.

MJ is so curious.  He loves experimenting with colours.  These are transparent coloured blocks.

As part of our weekly rhythm we've been doing some knitting.  MJ just clicked with finger knitting!  He finished a whole ball of yarn.  The boys are also playing the recorder too.

We randomly came across some marbles and the boys remembered the marble run that we gave away.  My creative MJ used wooden blocks to make his own.  He was at it for a long time, trying different designs.

My colour loving guy wanted to dye more Easter eggs.  While TJ and Daddy were out at the hardware store, MJ and I played with food dye.

JJ just keeps popping up all over the house.  

Well that's what we've been up to recently.  I'm feeling much more at peace with things now.  I'm trying to strike a good balance between office work, homeschooling, keeping up on the house and everything else. 

I'd love to know what you have been doing this week!!

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