What is Joyful Mud Puddles all about?

Joyful Mud Puddles

How did I come up with that name? What is the blog (essentially what am I) all about? Why do I write?

It's all about JOY.

I'm not talking about feeling happy, being successful, or anything like that.  Those feelings come and go.  Life is all about ups and downs.  Joy is intentional. It is about finding something good, some flicker of hope, in all that life brings you.

Right now my life is busy to say the least.  It is all about raising three boys, homeschooling, running our family business and all the while trying not to loose 'me' in the midst of it all.  My faith keeps me going.  I have a God who has been through it all, who loves me so much and understands how much I need Him.  I choose to daily find joy in the life that I have right in this moment. 

I write because of the overflow that is in my heart. Some days are messy and weary.  Some days are amazingly awesome.  My favourite days are the simple ones in which we spend time together just enjoying each other.  I just want to share those days with someone (that is you!!).  I hope that in being completely honest in my writing it might help or bring joy to someone else.  

What better way to describe life with three boys that a mud puddle.  My boys are full of life (anyone who knows us can attest to that).  I passionately believe that children should enjoy their childhood.  It is so short and the rest of life is so much longer.  What better picture can you imagine than children leaping about without a care in the world, splashing in a puddle? My boys are usually outside getting dirty while all the other children are in a desk in school. It fills me with such overwhelming joy that I can help but shout it out to the world!

And so I am here to advocate for children, and in doing so for myself also.  Life a life of JOY.  Don't let others hold you back.  Think before you conform and do what everyone has always done. Find the good blessings that this day has to offer.  And be confident (and childish enough) to go jump in some mud puddles for the fun of it!

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