Catching up with you - October

Wow where did the month go?  I can't believe October has already come and gone.

We have been busy as usual here but starting to get into a groove.  Each week we spend time at Learning in the Woods forest program, Swimming at the YMCA, local homeschool activities, YKids gym time and exploring local nature areas.  Now those are just our outings!  At home we have been playing lots of board games, reading, creating, baking, caring for baby and playing outside.

Here are some photos from the month...
MJ up late with stickers on his fingers

The boys carved pumpkins all on their own. Okay mommy took out the guts

Lots of nature walks

Baby JJ's first Autumn
Visits to farms in the fall
Baby JJ in the swing

The Jackson 5
Apple picking

Baby JJ and Mommy outside lots

Adorable brothers together
A magical little spot at the local gardens
Harvesting and investigating sun flowers

I'd love to hear what yo are up to! Do share with us.