Catching up with you: September

We have been having a lot of fun this month.  The boys' activities have started up again, we are taking life slowly and enjoying time with our new baby.  Here are some photos to keep you up to date on what we've been doing...

The boys built and played with our math manipulatives.  The love to play board games, card games and anything counting.  One day I got out all our different weigh scales for the boys to explore.

MJ loves to hold baby JJ.  Both boys are amazing big brothers.  It is a big adjustment for them both to have a little baby in the house and less of mommy's attention.  They are handling themselves very well, and are a huge help to me!

Oh we do love hikes and being outdoors.

Grandpa and Grandma Scott have given each of the boys their own unique drum.  This month we have enjoyed using them for circle time, dancing and making lots of noise!!

We have been very blessed to spend some time with cousins.  Grandma Jackson and Aunty Laura came for a visit.  We've also been to the cottage too.  The boys are so adorable with their little cousin. 

Baby JJ has been very smiley!!  He is tracking moving objects and is getting bigger by the day.

I can't tell you what a privilege it is to be part of Learning in the Woods!  My boys love going to the same location each week (sometimes more than once a week).  We are all learning, including the leaders, about relationships, nature and more.  All of the children who attend are full of joy and curiosity, most don't want to leave after being there for almost three hours!

We have a pass to the local botanical gardens.  The boys and I chose a path that was very hilly and not stroller friendly.  We managed through.  Luckily JJ didn't wake up until the end.

While dropping off a friend at a homeschool field trip, the boys and I took some time to explore the area.  We saw amazing wood carvings, and learned all about the native people who lived in long houses.

TJ and I went on a date together with his giant stuffed frogs (and his cute jammies).  It isn't too often that I get out without the baby these days.  We had a lovely time together.

The cottage is always a favourite place to visit.  TJ and daddy went for a long boat ride, while MJ and I went for a nice walk (baby JJ was asleep in the carrier).  Although we didn't get to fishing, we still cooked dinner on a fire, played in the lake and had a lot of fun with their cousin.

Daddy had lots of work to do up at the cottage.  He took a quick break to hang with the boys.

More fun in the woods.

MJ and some children looking at a bee under the magnifying glass (the bee had already passed on).

The boys are so excited to be part of the promotional video for We Learn Naturally (the umbrella company for Learning in the Woods).  The director let the children use his equipment!  They were all so excited to show him around the forest.  It was a very fun morning for all the children.  We can't wait to see how it turns out.
Our homeschool group has some awesome plans this year.  We meet once a week at different parks and things.  There are also field trips and service projects that my friend and I organized.  We all gathered at our community garden plot to help with weeding.  The children were so helpful and worked well together.  Last week TJ joined the group to do some geocaching and compass work.

We also attend the YMCA for swimming and gym times.  Mommy is busy with office work too.  We also find time for the boys interests/projects, the library and loads of fun!!

Now that fall is here we'll have more adventures to share with you!